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This seed print, "Potential," shares the beautiful, hopeful beginning of food's journey when solid shells wait to burst open into new life. How can the seeds teach us, too, to be this vulnerable?

The first time I truly realized the magic of a seed, I was living in Minnesota and chatting with a farmer who was admiring a calloused handful of carrot seeds. 

He smiled to himself, and I asked why. He paused, thoughtfully, and replied with humble passion, "The potential of a seed is just incredible - everything just waiting to grow and evolve." He spoke of his farm, of his family's work to provide schools with local carrots to feed the community.

I fell into a captivated silence. After years of disconnect from the path of my food, I suddenly felt a renewed sense of reverence for his words and the land even though I wasn't yet farming at the time.

That moment was the beginning of an understanding that the path from seed to soil to our plates is an arduous, yet graceful journey that often goes unseen. 

That we, too, are like the seeds, waiting to be cracked open into infinite potential that nourishes, delights, and inspires.


The Deets:



Production Time:

4 Days


8" x 10"


Professional prints are printed on Kodak ENDURA professional paper for the highest quality and durability.